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Focal-JMlab, 17.03.2005

Profile 900 range – Focal-JMlab

Market trends are forcing all manufacturers to reconsider their product selections, especially with regards to mid-market ranges. This sector often includes lower specification versions of high-end speakers, but with reduced technology and, frequently, less character. Cost, and a traditionally conservative audience, has also limited innovative design. With the launch of the Profile 900 range Focal has sought to introduce a truly innovative, wider range of eight models to replace the current Electra line-up over the next six months.

In house design
Focal has already greatly benefited from the many technological developments the company has made over the past three years, in particular with the introduction of the pure Beryllium tweeter. These developments have only been made possible by Focal’s determination to push back the limits of technology in order to create true innovation. The same objective has been applied to the launch of the Profile project: to design the product as “one” where technology and form both follow a common approach to eliminate the superfl uous and be left with only the essential. To choose, materials, textures and colours such that the final result is a product design strengthened by its detail and deliberate simplicity. Focal has also worked throughout the programme with a leading Paris based product design agency to help define the look of Profile range.

In House Technology
• The 165mm (61/2”) bass and mid range drivers are a direct result of the developments under taken for the for the limited edition 25th anniversary Electra Be products. In particular, the evolution of the Sandwich W cone technology, the choices of the diameter and materials for the voice coil and the associated increase BL (force factor) of the magnetic circuits have all contributed to ensure a full range performance from a drastically reduced enclosure volume.
• The new Aluminium-Magnesium inverted dome tweeter has a foam rubber - Poron - suspension directly related to the design of the Utopia Be’s pure Beryllium tweeter. Focal believes the company’s leadership in tweeter materials will continue with this new transducer as its development and manufacture has represented both a major technological and economic challenge.
• The cabinet design also represents another technological leap for Focal. The selected shape offers an elegant alternative to the usual “big” boxes, while also being extremely effective. The design offers optimal rigidity and a natural attenuation of standing waves via the effect of successive reflection and diffraction. Moreover, the elliptical shape of the enclosure, with its continuously varying height, avoids the formation of resonance modes within the cabinet, and produces a particularly precise spatial sound.
• A new 8cm (3”) W cone appears in the centre channel to offer the only effective solution for controlling directivity in the most critical band - from 500 to 3000Hz.
• To adapt and optimise the bass performance to the source material, and for easy installation, the Profile subwoofer is Focal’s first to feature a very powerful DSP processor that is capable of controlling all of the performance of the subwoofer within the digital domain.
• The final point to illustrate the all encompassing design solution are the speaker grilles which have been designed as an integrated part of the product rather than as an “add-on”. Focal recommends that the grilles are left in place during listening because their design actually optimises the tweeter response and the resulting sound image.

The Profile Range
The Profile range will be launched separately in two groups, beginning with Phase 1 in Spring 2005
which will see the launch of four models:

The Profile 908 is a two-way, bass reflex, bookshelf model, featuring a 165mm (61/2”) W cone woofer with a 32 mm voice coil. Based upon the highly regarded 907 Be, the Profile 908 continues Focal’s long tradition of producing highly musical but compact speakers.

The Profile 918 is a two and half-way, bass reflex, floor standing speaker of just under a metre in height and is the key product of the new range. The height of the speaker was deliberately restrained in order to not be overly intrusive - in most domestic environments - and gives the Profile 918 the ideal balance between size and performance. Equipped with two 165mm (61/2”) W cone drivers the 918 includes the technical solutions to allow the speaker to far exceed the performance limitations inherent in many two and half-way designs. The bass driver has a 40mm (11/2”) voice coil, wound with flat wire, while the bass/mid range driver - within its own independent enclosure - has a 32mm (11/4”) voice coil. The bass crossover of the two drivers was given careful consideration, particularly with regard to phase levels. The result was a solid, tight bass performance without the ‘bloated’ effect common to many two and a half way speakers. The mid-range is also rich and accurate.
Anzeige The Profile CC908 is a centre speaker that’s design was the end result of much consideration. Its threeway specification was selected after the thorough analysis of phase behaviour and directivity, in order to ensure performance was matched to the other Profile speakers with an unusually high level of precision, stability and dispersion for the sector – but without sacrificing practicality. The centre uses two 165mm (61/2”) W cone woofers, the new 8cm (3”) W mid-range driver and the same tweeter common throughout the Profile range.

The Profile subwoofer is the logical progression of much of the development work conducted for the Utopia Be and Chorus S subwoofers (re: BASH® amplificaton) and more recently the new iCub (re: integrated digital decoder). The subwoofer uses digital processing to control the phase, filtering and equalisation with the setting for each accessible via the infrared remote control. An LCD display is included as part of the overall spirit of the Profile range: to always remain in tune with the user’s needs.

Phase 2 of the Profile launch will follow in Summer 2005. The new products will include an on wall LCR – model LCR 904 – an in wall LCR – model IW 904 – and a compact subwoofer – SW904 – all designed to visually integrate with the existing Profile product range.

About Focal-JMlab
Since its foundation, Focal-JMlab has grown to become one of the World’s Top Three hi-fi loudspeaker companies. Headquartered in Saint-Etienne, France, it is now internationally recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialist drive units for hi-fi loudspeakers. It is also preeminent in the design and manufacture of specialist loudspeaker drive units for car-audio and pro-audio; and in the creation of highly advanced, complete hi-fi loudspeaker enclosures priced from 125 to 70,000 Euro and 99 to 900 Euro for car-audio. It is the market-leading (15% by value) loudspeaker system vendor in France, but already exports over 60% of its output (a growing proportion) to territories such as Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.
The company’s key strength is its complete integration and quality control of the loudspeaker manufacturing process, from the design of drive units, cabinets and electrical filter networks, to the assembly of finished product. Focal-JMlab maintains an intense, continual programme of research and development into drive-unit technologies, and holds several patents. Focal-JMlab currently employs over 234 people and in 2004 relocated to a new, purpose-built, wholly unified, 12500m2 (134550 ft2) production, design and management facility.

Preise und Verfügbarkeit:
Profile 908 (Kompaktlautsprecher): 1.000,- EUR (pro Stück), ab April 2005
Profile 918 (Standlautsprecher): 1.400,- EUR (pro Stück), ab April 2005
Profile CC908 (Centerlautsprecher): nähere Informationen ab August 2005
Profile Subwoofer: nähere Informationen ab August 2005

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